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MFOL has passed 300+ gun safety laws since our founding.

In the five years since March For Our Lives’ founding, gun violence has transformed from a third-rail issue to an issue politicians can’t ignore. It was once unheard of for lawmakers to touch such a deep-rooted American trait like guns, using our lives as political pawns in their game to stay in power after the next election. We said, “Enough is enough,” and DEMANDED action. 

March For Our Lives has championed gun violence prevention legislation at all levels of the government to save lives and create a better, safer future. Our mission calls for something more bold and transformative than gun control alone. We call for a world that is re-imagined: a world where oppressive power structures are abandoned, and community is embraced. Band-aid solutions alone won’t get us there, which is why we fight for legislation that addresses the root causes of gun violence.

Learn About the Five Forces Fueling Gun Violence

Every day without gun violence prevention laws is another day people die at the pull of a trigger. Young people refuse to die waiting for lawmakers to take action. So we put matters into our own hands and bring our fight to Congress. In just five years, we’ve passed over 300 gun safety laws, and we’re just getting started.


Gun safety laws passed in the last six years


NRA cronies kicked out of Congress

young people are winning

They told us we couldn’t make change, but we proved the wrong. We’re a movement committed to saving lives and we couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done as a movement. Here are just a few of the highlights of what young people have won in the last few years.