In the Courts

Our youth-led Judicial Advocacy Team is shaping the legal system.

Legal Associate Makennan McBryde speaks at a rally outside the Supreme Court on US v. Rahimi.
We have a fundamental right to not be shot. That should be a straightforward truth, but our courts often put gun rights ahead of it. We’re fighting to change that.

Our youth-led Judicial Advocacy Team guides March For Our Lives’ legal strategy, and focuses on bringing the voices of young people and survivors straight to Judges across the country who are considering second amendment cases. By filing amicus briefs in dozens of cases, as well as a few original suits we’ve filed ourselves, we are ensuring that courts can’t make decisions in a vacuum without considering the impact of their rulings on our lives.

In addition to our court strategy, our team uses our platform to turn complicated legal proceedings into easily accessible information to help demystify the courts for young people. Our work breaks down barriers to entry and democratizes an often stultified legal sphere, showing the world that our courts shouldn’t be for lawyers alone but a place for young people to advocate for change.

Our Amicus Curiae Briefs

Our youth-led judicial advocacy team have filed a number of briefs in cases that directly impact young people across the United States. Amicus briefs are filed by people who typically take the position of one side in a case, in the process supporting a cause that has some bearing on the issues in the case. In our cases, we ensure that young people and gun violence survivors who will be impacted by the outcome of decisions have a chance to be heard in court.

Read the briefs we’ve filed below.