On The Ground

MFOL mobilizes communities to create change from the ground up.

MFOL member carries bag of groceries at a mutual aid drive.

When our “leaders” and corrupt politicians told us that nothing could be done about gun violence, we called B.S. Now, we’re turning our grief and fear into action, and mobilizing an entire generation of young people to step up and demand change.

Since 2018, March For Our Lives has been on the ground working to build youth power and leadership to build a world where our lives deserve protecting. We’re organizing our peers and pulling out a seat for ourselves at the table, helping to develop and grow an entire generation of young leaders to break youth voter records year after year and win over 300 new gun safety laws across the country.

On The Ground organizing

Through March For Our Lives chapters and hubs across the country, young people are fighting to build the future we deserve in their own communities. Our chapters are places for young people to connect with one another and turn our anguish into action, and learn the skills necessary to make our voices heard from school boards to the White House. Our youth-led chapters are based on school campuses or in a city or town and lead their own work, with guidance and support from volunteer mentors and staff organizers who provide the resources and training needed to bring their ideas to fruition.

From “NRA-is-dead” pizza parties, to lobby days, to city-wide walkouts, our chapters do it all and they’ve helped to pass dozens of state and local bills that have saved lives.

Distributed Organizing

March For Our Lives is a national movement, and we know that our work isn’t limited to the neighborhoods we live in. Our National Teams help stitch together folks who are ready to take the plunge into organizing, but want to do it with folks across the country digitally. These volunteer-led teams are like great big online chapters who organize text banks, make zines, strategize together, and bring our organizing to where young people are: online, and everywhere in the country. fight for gun safety in Chicago is intertwined with the the fight in Florida.

We pioneered our distributed work in the depths of the pandemic, and have become a leading voice in digital and distributed organizing with young people. Learn more about how we did it!

After a shooting in Tennessee, we demanded change

Young people in Nashville refused to accept thoughts and prayers. So we organized walkouts and sit ins to demand more.