• Press Release

“This is Deadly Carry, Not Permitless Carry” — MFOL on Florida’s Permitless Carry Bill

PARKLAND, FL — “We’re horrified by the proposal yesterday by Florida House leaders to repeal the commonsense law that requires Floridians obtain a permit and safety training to carry concealed firearms. Extremist lawmakers, clearly in the pocket of the gun lobby, are so hungry for a political talking point that they’re willing to put kids’ lives at risk and go against what every responsible gun owner knows: no one should ever pick up a gun without training and knowing how to handle it safely. Research shows the deadly repercussions of this reckless proposal. In states that removed preexisting training and safety requirements to obtain a gun, there was a 29% increase in firearm violent crime. This is deadly carry, not permitless carry, and opens up the door to violence in unexpected places—on our highways, in our grocery stores, and in our places of worship. It shouldn’t be easier to access a firearm than it is to access cold medicine. Young people will fight against this bill, and any other bill that threatens us with gun violence.”