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The Current ⚡️February 2024

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Make your voice heard, and start 2024 strong! Join our February Membership Call to get plugged into the movement to end gun violence and meet other folks like you! We deserve to live in a world free from the threat of gun violence. Help us make it happen.

Building the Movement


Joining the Discord Community is an effective way to be in the know about what’s happening at March For Our Lives. Our staff and top movement organizers are active members! You’ll be the first to know about all of the latest events and news affecting the movement. That’s also where you’ll have the easiest access to our coaching and mentorship opportunities.



ALERT! If you live in Michigan, we need your help with an upcoming event with our legislative partner, Progress Michigan! You’ll find more information at the link below, and the date of the lobby day is February 13th. The lobby day will begin at 9 AM.



Members of the March For Our Lives chapter at UNC-Chapel Hill organized countless OP-EDs in student newspapers nationwide. Together, these students demonstrated the immense power & responsibility we hold as students & young people inheriting a country in crisis.



Two shootings across the country and years apart demonstrate the inescapable webs of our communities.

On February 13th, 2023, Michigan State University students were thrust into the world of mass shootings in this country when three classmates were killed on campus. On February 14th, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was pushed into this same world when seventeen people were killed on campus. From that tragic event came March For Our Lives. These events, and all others in this category, are connected through actions, words, and association. They are also tragically linked through inaction. This interconnectedness is what brings us together, and it is also what fuels our fight for a better world. As we reflect on the anniversaries of these tragic events this weekend, let us not forget those that continue to happen around us, funded by our tax contributions and justified by our silence.

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02/12/24 – February Membership Call

Make your voice heard, and start 2024 with a positive impact! Join our February Membership Call to learn from folks who’ve been doing the work for years. Our movement leaders are ready to help you make a change in your community.

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Change someone’s life- help us welcome new folks to the movement. If you love meeting new people and empowering them in the first few days they join the movement, this team is for you.

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Our team is ready to support you with expert coaching, advice, and mentorship. If you’re putting together an event, need help developing a strategy, or just need someone to help, call us!

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