• Press Release

MFOL Statement on Shooting at Kansas City Super Bowl Parade

Just hours after advocates, survivors, and parents gathered on Capitol Hill to launch a new campaign addressing gun violence, another community experienced the never-ending American nightmare.

Washington, D.C — “This morning, on the sixth memorial of the horrific shooting in Parkland, Florida that took the lives of 17 and injured 17 more, young people and survivors stood arm in arm at the US Capitol to demand action on gun violence before it’s too late. We know it’s already too late for far, far too many people—including those hurt and killed in shootings that never make the national news. Now, just hours later, we’re horrified by the news out of Kansas City—another celebration marred by terrifying violence and fear. We still don’t know all the facts on the ground, but one thing is clear: Americans deserve safety and life, not fear and death from guns. This should have been a joyful, triumphant day. Instead, it’s been stained by the trauma and pain wrecked by gun violence. We are holding Kansas City close to us, as we hold Parkland close to us on this painful day. Our hearts are overwhelmed with grief, and we are demanding that our leaders listen to us. Act now to pass common sense gun safety legislation. Our lives depend on it.” 

For more on the campaign that Change the Ref and March For Our Lives launched today to demand action using AI-generated messages from people who have died from gun violence, visit here and theshotline.org.