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Marjorie Taylor Greene Kicks Out MFOL Iowa Kids Who Asked a Question; In Our Reality, MFOL to Discuss Policy Plan With Real Adults in Congress

Parkland, FL — Last night, in Des Moines, IA, young people with March For Our Lives Iowa attended an America First rally headlined by Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to demand to know why Marjorie Taylor Greene cares more about politics and profits than children’s lives. Over the years, she and her NRA cronies in Congress have spread lies and misinformation about gun violence in America, gaslighting victims of mass shootings rather than calling out the gun manufacturers who resist accountability for enabling the deaths of thousands of Americans with their weapons of war.

Rather than answer young people’s simple questions at a backstage meet and greet, her staff threw one organizer to the ground and expelled them from the venue. Young people have just one question: Why do you hate kids, Marjorie? 

Meanwhile, in the real world, children and young adults in America are facing a worsening epidemic of gun violence. March For Our Lives will be hosting a roundtable discussion today at 11 am Eastern with Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) to discuss the updated policy agenda released this week entitled “It Ends With Us.” The discussion will unpack the dire need to end gun violence right now, and the bold new components of March’s plan that calls specifically to end the root causes of gun violence, not just nibble at the edges. Reporters are invited to attend to learn more about the specifics of the plan on the March For Our Lives Twitter and Facebook pages.

“We’ve often been told, BIPOC folks especially, that our lived experiences and the solutions our communities ask for are unrealistic,” said Tatiana Washington, March For Our Lives Policy Associate and student at Clark Atlanta University. “We reject that thinking. Our demands aren’t at odds with ‘policy needs’ or what is politically possible. Instead, our plan shows that if we ever want to actually end gun violence, we can never leave Black and brown folks out of policy conversations again. The experiences of those closest to the issue must drive our policy agenda, and I’m glad to say that this plan does that.”