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March For Our Lives Responds to Shooting at Morgan State University and Calls Out the Escalating Crisis of Gun Violence on Black Youth

Another homecoming weekend turned into a tragedy because of gun violence 

BALTIMORE, MD — Yesterday, five people were shot at a homecoming event at Morgan State University, a historically Black university in Baltimore. This tragedy is yet another example of the devastating impact of gun violence in our communities and showcases the violence that young people, especially young people of color, face every day. Our hearts break for the students of Morgan State, and we fight on with them for a safer future.

This shooting occurs after several other incidents of gun violence have occurred at other HBCUs across the country just in the past two months alone. From a horrific white supremacist shooting in Jacksonville that originally targeted Edward Waters University, to a shooting and lockdown at North Carolina A&T State University – it’s clear that not enough is being done to address gun violence, and Black youth are forced to pay the price. Even when off campus, guns continue to have a disproportionate impact on Black children and teens, who are 20 times more likely to die of gun violence than their white peers. This disparity is rooted in racism, white supremacy, and an entire system designed to hurt Black people and people of color. Enough is enough.