• Press Release

Leaked SCOTUS Opinion Leaves No Doubts About This Court’s Extremism: What Fundamental Rights Will Be Undone Next?

New York, NY — “March For Our Lives is alarmed by reports that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade and unravel decades of settled jurisprudence as well as pick apart fundamental rights that Americans have enjoyed for generations. If the Supreme Court’s final ruling looks anything like this draft, we are deeply concerned that other basic constitutional freedoms, including the constitutional right not to be shot, are up next on the chopping block. This is a real threat that we face in the current term by this far-right Supreme Court, as justices deliberate whether to strike down gun safety laws and allow anyone to carry guns in public without any limits. This draft ruling doesn’t just threaten the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, our freedoms, our safety, and our very lives are at risk. Reproductive rights are human rights, enshrined by the constitution, and young people won’t give up on any of our fundamental rights.”