• Press Release

“Do Our Lives Mean F*cking nothing?”: March For Our Lives Statement on the Murder of Students and Teachers in Uvalde, Texas

New York, NY — “Our hearts are utterly and completely broken. This sickening tragedy is the violent reality we’ve grown up to expect. We deserve joy and life, and we will fight like hell for it. We mourn for those lost and wish peace for the families of children and teachers grieving in Uvalde, Texas.

Here we are again, saying the same thing: the disgusting and shameful fact in America is that another shooting like this was just a matter of time because of our political leaders’ breathtaking disregard for our lives. We are enraged at the politicians who stand in the way of lifesaving change on both sides of the aisle. You’ve put a target on our backs. Let’s be clear that this was a preventable tragedy. The regular mass murder of children like this is only “normal” in America. You can’t stop a bullet with thoughts and prayers. To honor those lost and save countless more lives, we need action. We’re dying while we wait for it.”