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"Dear NRA..." — March For Our Lives Releases Video Targetting the Failing NRA

Our power keeps growing. They keep running. We’re going to finish the job.

Parkland, FL — On the day that tens of thousands of people were supposed to descend on Houston for the NRA’s canceled national convention, March For Our Lives released a video ad calling the NRA out for their callous disregard for children’s lives. The message: The NRA is on a downward spiral, and March For Our Lives youth are going to finish the job. The video is part of a nationwide campaign to call the NRA to account, including a series of sit-ins that began last week at the offices of congress members and senators who accept NRA money.

The video, titled “Dear NRA…,” can be viewed in full here.

“The NRA canceled their convention this week for ‘‘health and safety,’ but when have they ever cared more about safety than guns and profit?” said March For Our Lives Executive Director Alexis Confer. “How ironic that is as the New York Attorney General sues for their dissolution, as three of the NRA’s board members resigned in the last few weeks, and as more and more Americans turn against the corrupt ways of the NRA. This video makes it clear that the NRA can’t run away from accountability, and March For Our Lives will be there every step of the way until young people and Americans are safe from their scourge.”

Ultimately, we think it’s pretty uncontroversial to say that a child’s right to live is more important than the NRA’s right to exist. We think that young people’s lives, children’s lives, are more important than trophies from elephant hunts and luxury yacht trips. It’s clear the NRA doesn’t think so. The question is, do the politicians who accept the NRA’s bloodsoaked dollars value children’s lives, too? We’re waiting for the answer.