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BREAKING: 7,000 Tennesseans rally in Nashville with March For Our Lives; TN Speaker Sexton threatens expulsion to three legislators who joined rallies

Nashville, TN — Young people led walkouts across Tennessee, with some 7,000 students, parents, caregivers, and Tennesseans of all stripes joining March For Our Lives at the State Capitol to demand action. But instead of heeding their calls to action, Tennessee State House Speaker Cameron Sexton is threatening to expel three legislators who joined young people to demand change. Let’s be clear: Speaker Sexton has the power to keep children alive and ensure no more Tennessee children die from a bullet. He has the power of life and death. However, rather than using that power to keep us safe, he wants to play political games and expel three passionate legislators. Speaker Sexton is choosing death over life for a political win. Shame. Young people will not back down until we are safe.