Six years after the first march for our lives, it’s time to #RepostYourRage

In the six years since we first marched for our lives, quite a bit has changed—we’ve passed over 300 gun safety laws across the country, and we won the first federal gun safety law in 30 years just days after we marched again in 2022. Even more powerful, a whole generation of young people were inspired to stand up and take action (and even run for office, like our friend Maxwell Frost!). But gun violence is still raging. For the third year in a row, it’s the leading cause of death for children and young people. We can’t be complacent. Not in an election year.

On the anniversary of the first March For Our Lives, help us flood social media with a bold call for action. Dig up your post about the March For Our Lives in 2018 on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter/X and repost it with a call to your politician to fight for gun safety, and a reminder of the continued toll of gun violence.


Gun safety laws passed since 2018, but we need more


Kids killed by gun violence since the Parkland shooting


Mass shootings across the country since 2018


150 million guns that greedy companies have flooded into our communities

We can’t leave our rage in the past. Our future depends on us staying angry, and staying ready to take action. Join us and #RepostYourRage to call on our politicians to remember our rage, and take action to keep kids safe.