Our movement is powered by volunteers who organize their classmates, neighbors, and friends into powerful teams that fight to end gun violence.

Whether you start a chapter or join a national team, we’re here to support you with coaching, training, and a community of leaders every step of the way.

You rock. Thanks for being a key member in the fight to end gun violence. If you’re ready to engage with March For Our Lives in a deeper way, sign up to be a volunteer. You’ll join our community of dedicated activists who take regular actions.


March For Our Lives is a movement dedicated to ending all forms of gun violence — not just mass shootings but everyday gun violence, police violence and more. We fight for a world where no person has to face this tragic and preventable end.

Our mission calls for something more bold and transformative than gun control alone. We call for a world that is re-imagined: a world where oppressive power structures are abandoned, and community is embraced. A world where all human needs are met and the love of people is centered.


In order to take on the gun lobby and beat the NRA, we’re building a people-powered movement.

Campus Hubs & Chapters

Campus Hubs & Chapters are local teams developing their campaigns and strategies to build a world free from gun violence. They work on campus or in a city/neighborhood.

Starting a Campus Hub or a Chapter is a big commitment. MFOL is committed to training, coaching, and supporting new and existing chapter leads every step of the way.

National Teams

National Teams support the movement through various campaigns. National Team members can organize online and don’t need to be part of a local chapter.

Do you have an idea for a campaign? Excited about our new member “Welcome Team”? We’ll get you set up!