We marched for our lives, again.

Thousands of us marched in DC and we organized 400+ marches worldwide

We organized in DC to Demand Action from Officials

This was our largest march since our founding in 2018, with over 70,000 people and 400+ sibling marches nationwide. We marched along with thousands of people around the world, demanding that our elected officials take action after multiple acts of gun violence, including the mass shooting at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo and the school shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas.

We met with 70+ offices in 2022.

Ahead of our historic second march, our activists lobbied their representatives in DC to support commonsense gun legisla

After we marched, lobbied, and activated, we won!

Austin, Texas

(Photo courtesy of Texas Tribune)

Parkland, Florida

(Photo Courtesy of Ted Deutch)

New York City, New York

(Photo courtesy of Lane Manalo-LeClair)

Los Angeles, California

(Unknown Photo Courtesy)

Oxford, Michigan

(Photo Courtesy of Jessica Lumbreras)

Nashville, Tennessee

(Photo Courtesy of Tennessean)

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